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Industries Served

While many of the services provided by Dovekie Inc. are general by nature and can be applied to most any industry, the following are industries where specific skill sets have been acquired and can be applied to your business:

Oil & Gas

From large EPC contractors to local fabricators & service providers, Dovekie has a solution for your project and management needs that will assist in the success of your project. Through experiences working with both the supplier and customer side of Oil & Gas projects, Dovekie can assist all involved to achieve the desired project goals.

Shipbuilding & Repair

With team members who have worked directly with many of Canada’s largest shipyards, Dovekie can assist shipbuilders, ship owners, and suppliers alike through our consulting, recruiting & project (term) contractor services. Our current network of contractors includes a wide range of disciplines including but not limited to:

  • Marine QA/QC Engineers
  • Marine Electrical Engineers
  • AVEVA / PDMS Draftsmen (all disciplines)
  • Mechanical Engineers

Renewable Energy

Dovekie is proud to support our customers in the renewable energy sector with the resources they need to successfully execute their initiatives. We pride ourselves on being able to find the Engineers, Technologists, & Technicians you require for all points of the value stream including:

  • Manufacturing (structural and mechanical)
  • Onsite project management, and
  • In-service repair and maintenance providers

Aerospace & Defence

Dovekie is a proud supporter of ACADA and all of its members in Atlantic Canada’s pursuit of creating a thriving Aerospace & Defence industry. Through our various services we are poised to support companies engaged in R&D, manufacturing, and provision of services alike.


Dovekie can provide the engineers, technicians, and technologists that you require to support you manufacturing operations. Whether it be a full-time requirement or an interim support role during a busy period, Dovekie has the solutions to fit your needs.


Whether you are a prime contractor seeking construction personnel, or an engineering firm seeking experienced candidates for engineering and technologists roles for your newest project, Dovekie can remove much of the ‘non-value-added activity’ involved in seeking qualified candidates and allow you to step directly to the interview stage.


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