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Functional Areas of Service

Project Management

In today’s increasingly competitive labour market, finding full-time project management personnel who are qualified, experienced and driven to deliver results is an ongoing challenge. Dovekie will identify the project management personnel you require to keep your project within scope, on time and within budget.

To compliment the skills of our project management professionals, Dovekie’s team benefits for the ongoing oversight and advice of a team of senior advisor throughout all phases of the project life cycle.

Technical Staffing

From interim technical resource requirements to a full project management or operations team solution, Dovekie responds quickly to secure the personnel required for our clients to execute projects and/or maintain efficient operations. Whether it be a week, a month, or a long-term requirement, Dovekie will work quickly and diligently to identify and implement the best solution available.

Senior Management Consulting & Advisory Services

Dovekie believes that our customers should not miss an opportunity due to a lack of full time resources or expertise at any level of the organization, nor do we believe that it is viable for companies to carry the burden of such resources and expertise if only required intermittently. Whether it be business development assistance, organizational structuring, or project management for an important initiative, Dovekie can provide the necessary services and assistance on an as-needed basis.

Value Added Recruiting

Once the necessary resources are put in place to ensure continuity in project management and/or operations, Dovekie can (at the client’s request) run a separate recruiting campaign to attempt to fill any longer-term positions with full time staff therefore displacing interim personnel.

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